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Fellowship Programme
Indian Society of Hospital Waste Management (ISHWM) has attained maturity during the last 10 years and award of fellowship and Hon fellowship to deserving members and non members has been in the focus of the Gov Council for quite some time. In consideration the Governing Council in its extraordinary meeting held on 30th April 2011 have resolved to frame rules and guidelines to confer fellowship and Hon fellowship to deserving individuals as under; subject to ratification in the next annual general body meeting.
1.1 The Indian Society of Hospital Waste Management (ISHWM) has firmly established itself as a professional body in the field of hospital waste management and fully geared to address all relevant issues and concerns of hospital waste management at the national level. It is a matter of pride that within a short period ISHWM has passed all the milestones and reached a stage where it is a sound professional body firmly established to facilitate/advocate/undertake projects and research activities on issues of hospital waste management and its eco-friendly disposal. It is now a felt need to consider enhancing the status of the members specially the peers.

1.2 It has therefore been decided to honour eligible members of ISHWM with fellowship, and also consider awarding Hon Fellowship to deserving non members.

1.3 The members of Governing Council have been unanimous in their opinion that it is hightime that modalities for award of Fellowship of ISHWM be formulated.

1.3 Modalities of fellowship are given in succeeding paragraphs.
2.1 The general philosophy of Fellowship is peer recognition, recognition of extra ordinary contribution and noteworthy service in the field of hospital waste management and propagation of eco friendly practices.

2.2 Besides these the basic objective is to provide advancement opportunities to life members of ISHWM who attain specified number of years of active association with ISHWM and in recognition of their contribution made to the field of hospital waste management practices,
3.0 OBJECTIVES The objectives of the award of Fellowship would be;-

3.1 To provide recognition to individuals who have done or are doing noteworthy service in the field of hospital waste management.

3.2 To provide opportunities for peer recognition as well as to appreciate extra-ordinary contribution to the profession of hospital waste management within the total context of health care delivery.

3.3 To establish a standard of competence and to promote excellence in health care safety and waste management practices.

3.4 To provide peer recognition to professionals in the field of Hospital Waste Management and development in the profession.


4.1 In view of the general philosophy, basic consideration and objectives mentioned above, there will be Two categories of the fellowship:
a) Fellows
b) Honorary Fellow

4.2 Fellows:
a) Fellowship may be awarded to individual life members of ISHWM and will be limited to 5 in number at any given time, and will be awarded to such members who have as members made extraordinary contribution advocating/propagating hospital waste management system and its implementation, and have been active life member of the society for at least 10 continuous years.
b) This is primarily meant to recognize the torchbearers of the discipline of Hospital Waste Management with or without formal qualification in the field.
c) It is to acknowledge notable contribution to those who have put in untiring efforts for establishing / nurturing ISHWM.
d) It is in recognition to those who have held important positions in the field of managing health care delivery and established hospital waste management as a recognized tool to healthcare.
e) The fellowship will be awarded by nomination by the Governing Council. There would be no requirement of any application or any initiation fee for Fellowship nominated by fellowship committee.
f) The citation of the fellows selected will be read by a senior member during ensuing annual conference of ISHWM, or any special ceremony organized for the purpose.

Fellows on application: A life member may apply for fellowship, ISHWM and may be conferred fellowship of ISHWM on fulfilling following terms and conditions:
a) That s/he has been a life member at least for 5 years,
b) That s/he has made significant contribution towards aims and objectives of ISHWM,
c) That s/he has regularly taken active part in activities of ISHWM,
d) That s/he has published at least 3 peer reviewed papers/articles pertaining to hospital waste management or infection control or in allied fields of healthcare delivery in national/ international journal,
e) The candidature is recommended by a life member, ISHWM,
f) Advancement of a life member to the status of the Fellow shall be decided by the Governing Council on the recommendations of the fellowship Committee.
g) An non refundable processing fee of of Rs 3000 will accompany such applications for consideration of Fellow ISHWM, and further Rs 2000 will be charged when the applicant is successfully granted the status of Fellow ISHWM.


5. Fellowship Committee consisting of 03 [three] members is hereby constituted for two years from amongst the life members of repute and of notable standing in the profession. The Fellowship Committee shall evaluate the nominations for Fellowship and Honorary Fellowship. Constitution of the Fellowship Committee is as follows:

a)  Dr K S Baghotia- ---------------------------------Chairman
b)  Dr Somu G -------------------------- Member
c) Dr Ashok Kumar Rana ------------------------- Member Secretary


6. Honorary Fellowship: Honorary fellowship is an honour - a special category of membership granted to men and women who are not members of ISHWM and have made extraordinary contribution to the profession of hospital waste management practices within the total context of healthcare delivery and will be limited to 5 in number at any given time.

6.1 The Governing Council may recommend Honorary Fellowship to individuals who have rendered distinguished service in promoting aims and objects of ISHWM in establishing / promoting / innovating hospital waste management practices or in related areas of safe practices and who may not be a member of ISHWM.

6.2 Person, whether formally qualified in hospital or health administration or not but have made notable contributions in the field of hospital waste management may on nomination by Governing Council be admitted as Honorary Fellows, subject to ratification by AGM.

6.3 Honorary Fellowship will be awarded with much restraint and discretion and only in recognition of their extraordinary contribution. However, there should not be more than 5 Honorary Fellows at any given time.

6.4 Conferring an Honorary Fellowship is the highest accolade ISHWM can bestow and the Society should reserve it for persons of outstanding distinction and contribution to development of ISHWM/healthcare waste management.

6.5 Procedure for conferring Honorary Fellowship will be that the names proposed by the Fellowship Committee will be presented by the Chairman of the stated Committee for discussions with the Governing Council. Chairman Fellowship Committee will prepare brief report on the extraordinary contributions made by the proposed person in the field of hospital waste management and eco friendly waste disposal practices. The Governing Council will deliberate the proposal in the presence of full quorum / or by circulation to each member for final decision. Each member of the Governing Council shall have veto power for deciding the award of Honorary Fellowship.

7. Conclusion: Grant of fellowship is recognition by ISHWM to individuals who have made notable contribution in furthering the aims and objectives of the Society/heathcare waste management. Recommendations should be made keeping in mind the abovementioned fundamentals with great care and deliberation.

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