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Eligibility for Membership

  1. Any professional engaged in teaching/research/practice related to Hospital Waste Management. A multi-disciplinary Society in which individuals of both clinical as well as non-clinical including basic sciences are eligible for membership.

  2. The Candidate must be nominated by two members of ISHWM. (However, till such time the Society will have sufficient members from all parts of the country, nomination will be done by the members of the Governing Council).

  3. Subscription details:

    Ordinary members in India Rs: 1,000 Annually
    Life membership Rs: 5,000 One Time  
    Corporate Membership Rs: 25,000 One Time  
    Student Membership Rs: 500 Annually  

    For member-Resident abroad. Payment accept by PAYPAL
    Ordinary member-Resident abroad US$: 100 Annually  
    Life membership-Resident abroad US$: 500 One Time  
    Corporate Membership-Resident abroad US$: 1,000 One Time  
    Student Membership-Resident abroad US$: 75 Annually  

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  4. Mode of Payment: By Accounts Payee Demand Draft drawn in favour of "Indian Society of Hospital Waste Management" payable at Delhi. Local Delhi cheques are also acceptable.

  5. Completed form and payment should be sent to:
    Dr. Sidhartha Satpathy

    Secretary -ISHWM
    18-A, Pocket GH-10
    Sundar Apartments
    Paschim Vihar,
    New Delhi - 110 087.

  6. The application will be scrutinized by Governing Council and on their acceptance, the applicant is admitted as a member. The membership will be ratified in the next Annual General Body Meeting.

  7. The ordinary membership subscription is valid up to 31st Dec of the year in which the payment is made and the membership should be renewed by end of Dec in the previous calendar year.

  8. Photocopies of this form can be used in case additional person(s) wish to apply for the membership of the Society.

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