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Membership Card and Governing Council Meeting

"Membership cards have been made and will be sent to all members by post as per the address available on the membership list at the web site. Members are requested to update their addresses at the earliest by sending an email to the secretary/president.
Governing Council Meeting has been scheduled for 12th December at 1900 hrs at the Akash Air Force Officers' Mess, and AGBM on 13th (Saturday) at the SR 2, USI, Rao Tula Marg, New Delhi at 1730 hrs (tea at 1700 hrs). Please make it convenient to attend the AGBM, and send your confirmation to the Secretary ISHWM along with agenda points for inclusion, if any." 

Proposal for award of Best Paper and Best Poster 

1. An annual conference of the Indian Society of Hospital Waste Management is a regular feature. A large number of scientific papers are presented during the conference either as oral or poster presentation. Most of the papers are contributed by the members of the society. Papers presented during the last conference were of high scientific content.

2. In order to grant incentive and encourage participants it is proposed to select best two papers each in the category of oral and poster presentation starting from next annual conference onwards. Selected delegates will be entitled to 25 % discount in the delegate’s fees during the next annual conference. A selection committee for the next two annual conferences- 2008 and 2009, comprising of the following is proposed to be constituted to select best two papers in these categories.

3. Selection Committee:

a) Surg Cdr (Dr) Rajesh Bhalla Chairman
b) Dr Sidhartha Satpathy Member
c) Wg Cdr Ashutosh Sharama Member

4. Eligibility: -

a) All registered delegates (members and non- members of ISHWM) will qualify towards being considered for selection.
b) Chairpersons and members of the Governing Council, ISHWM, and of the Selection Committee will not qualify for consideration.

5. Guidelines for the Selection Committee:

a) The selection committee will take all presentations made by willing participants to enter the selection procedure in each category into consideration.
b) It will be ensured that eligibility criteria is fulfilled.
c) It will be ensured that recipients are registered delegates and are present during the award ceremony to receive the awards personally. Awards will be made during valedictory function, but announced any time earlier during the conference.
d) The Selection Committee will be guided by criteria mentioned below:
  • Papers should be on topical issues, and research oriented.
  • Oral presentation should be within the time allotted.
  • All papers under consideration should follow the format- introduction, methodology, findings, discussion, and conclusion/ recommendations, take home message.
  • Slides and posters should be concise and to the point.
  • In case the paper has more than two authors- first and other authors, at least two should be registered delegates for the conference.
  • Posters should preferably be on glossy paper.
  • Posters should not have more than 8 panels.
  • Poster should highlight a problem and present scenario, and offer solutions.
  • Preferably only four colours- black, blue, red and green should be used while designing a poster. Posters should be on white background.
  • In case of a tie final selection will be made by the chairperson ISHWM.
  • Papers/ posters selected will be rated in scale of 1-10.
  • In case a paper/ poster from a student delegate is in the selection range an incentive award of 1 mark will be made for such a presentation/ poster.
  • Each participant willing to be considered for selection will render copyright certificate in favour of ISHWM

6. Invited delegates will not qualify for selection.

7. The oragnisers will provide required space and facilities to the delegates.

8. ISHWM will have copyright on selected papers/ posters, and a certificate will accompany all such papers as may be entered in the selection procedure by the sole/ first author.

9. Format of registration from next annual conference onwards will include a certificate that the delegate is interested to be considered for selection and a certificate to abjure copyright in favour of ISHWM.

10. Following monetary incentives (to be met from the accounts of ISHWM) will be awarded:

I Best Paper Rs 5,000/
II Second Best Paper Rs 3,000/
III Best Poster Rs 3,000/
IV Second Best Poster Rs 2,000/

11. Conclusion.

        Healthcare waste management in India still is in infancy. Much work is required in this area. Many systems still requires to be tested, and many healthcare facilities still lack scientific system in place. There are many issues requiring further research, such as incidence of needle- stick injuries, awareness programmes, case reporting, management of liquid waste, including mercury waste, and safety measures. It is hoped that the incentive offered will galvanise healthcare facilities in more research in these areas.

Lalji k Verma, President ISHWM, October 7, 2007

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